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The Revelation of the Devil


Kill Rumbuckle Rebikov and give his belongings to Spirit of Wisdom.
Spawns at: Defiled Ruins
Defiled Ruins
Defiled Ruins


Be ready to stand up for your Revelation, Chosen One. Your Way is almost finished, but the last step is always the most difficult one.

You may think the battle is easy, but to accept the truth that it brings will be much more difficult. Open your intelligence and don't be scared to believe in it regardless horrible it may seem.


I need Captain's belongings. Would you give them to me?

I want you to remember forever the sight of these two articles found together. A lot of evil could have been avoided if they had been found together many years ago...


Revelations of Tka-Rik and sign of cultist... Things speak for themselves.
"Revelations" that have triggered Great Astral Campaign and death of so many heroes, are fake. The captain you fought turned out to be a cultist, that's what his sign is saying.
Demons are not strangers from another world. No other worlds exist. No mysterious gates to be sealed up. Demons are one bone and one flesh of Sarnaut. But we will never manage to conclude a truce with them. They will never give up until they destroy us.


Experience: +510
Money: 53 43