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Holy Weapons


There is no better catalyst for progress than war! And there is nothing surprising about the fact that the war for the Holy Land gave birth to some holy weapons. What will this mean for the Empire? Self-destruction, or a long-awaited victory?


Anatoly Aldanov starts this step of the World Mystery in Asee-Teph, and Nomarkh Userkaf finishes it in Eljune.
There's no doubt that these so-called "holy weapons" are extremely powerful. They could be capable of deciding the outcome of the war for the Holy Land once and for all. The only question is, how can the League be prevented from getting them?


Nomarkh Userkaf starts this step of the World Mystery in Eljune, and Profka the Fierce finishes it there.
The goblins have been acting very suspiciously lately. Perhaps this is just a scam after all? Do they aim to deceive the two great powers of Sarnaut?


Ilona Svetlova starts this step of the World Mystery at Coba Plateau, and Anatoly Aldanov finishes it in Asee-Teph.
The former "holy weapons" have now been transformed into dark artifacts by cultists in Coba Plateau. The cultists have joined forces with some of the Historians and they tried to spread the darkness. The League also took experiments with the dark artifacts. Luckily for the Empire, they failed.