The League Wants You!



Meet Matvey Shramov at the Lake Tract.


Are you the one that's been helping us out so much lately? Great! I've got some news for you. I can't tell if it's good or bad - it's anyone's guess with those detectives.

You see, the investigatory branch of the Construction Council is looking for you. Matvey Shramov, one of their agents, wants to see you. You will find him at the Lake Tract, to the northeast of Novograd. Now get your butt in gear and go see him. Don't be late or they'll start searching for you themselves and you don't want that.


Did they send you from the capital? Fine. Pavel Isaev told me you have done well on Evermeet Isle. Now we need to find the roots of this mutiny...


Experience: +720

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