A Cure for Rabies



Participate in killing the Rabid Sabertooth Squirrel and report to Matvey Shramov.


And here I have another request. There are so many of them! Apparently there have been some complaints concerning the terrible disease known as rabies. There has already been a few cases reported among the beasts of Lightwood.

If you're an unlucky hunter, a run-in with one of these creatures could spell your doom. The best thing you can do once you've contracted the disease is off yourself immediately. Sad, but there's no cure for it at the moment.

Since there's no cure, the least we can do is put down the beasts spreading the disease. A large blue sabertooth squirrel with symptoms of rabies has been spotted in the Lake Tract. You are ordered to put down the beast, but make sure you don't go alone. You can ripped apart by her teeth or worse, contract the disease yourself.


A rabid squirrel is one of the most terrible monsters in all of Sarnaut!


That should help curb the rabies epidemic! Good work! Oh and one more thing, you might want to get yourself checked for any infected wounds.


Experience: +720

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