A Clear Message




Kill 12 Forest Agitators and return to Matvey Shramov.


To the north of Novograd there are two savage tribes - the forestfolk and the waterfolk. The League welcomes everyone who is willing to follow our laws and we are eager to build bridges. We've maintained a peaceful relationship with the waterfolk, but we haven't been so lucky with the forestfolk.

Now they're harassing the waterfolk - calling them out on their so-called insolence for siding with us. Perhaps this is simply a passing issue and their behavior will stop in time. Or perhaps not. Who knows?

At any rate, go north towards White Lake and teach these agitators a good lesson. Twelve kills should be enough. Yes, kills - we need to send a clear message and there's no time to get all melodramatic.


Well? Have you taken care of those pesky agitators?


It's good to see that you're prepared to do any mission for the good of the League. There's a war going on and we don't always have time for diplomacy.


Experience: +1350

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