Crossing over to the Valley of Shadows



After talking to Evgenya Radova, turn into a ghost and talk to the Gipatia's dwellers about their fate.


While you were at the Orc' camp, the goblin spirit from Purgatory paid me a visit. To leave Purgatory and be amongst the living is very rare. Apparently, he heard about your heroic deeds at the Wild Orcs' Camp.

Through conversing with him, I found out that he has been helping the goblins for a long time. He taught them to read and write and told them stories of the large world outside of Gipat. Evidently, we have the wrong view of goblins...

In gratitude of assisting his goblin kind, he granted me the ability to open a passage to ghostly reality for you. Now you can tell the village people about their fate. Return when you want to go the valley of the shadows and talk to its inhabitants.


Did the village inhabitants know about their fate? We obviously were not able to change it, but we can tell them the truth. It will make their suffering easier to bare.


Thank you.

This act is worthy of a true follower of the Light. I am sure now it will be a bit easier for them.

Uncertainty is worse than death. You see now that they have accepted their fate and are preparing to live under new conditions. Even ghosts can be optimistic!


Experience: +1250

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