Delusive Hope



Find out more information on the fate of the village ghosts from the shaman in the Wild Orcs' Camp and report back to Evgenya Radova.
  • Fate of the Gipatians investigated
    (Careful! Do not approach the camp! Lightning hazard!)


You know, when I first received the letter of Chosen One with the mysterious stone inside, I immediately tossed it in my spam mail box thinking it was some advertisement for naughty Elven graphics. Thank the Light that I opened the letter. What if I haven't come here at all...

Why did I ask you to come? Oh yeah! I believe the village spirits are not just simple ghosts. Their sparks and language appear to remain here in captivity of transparent bodies with no way to escape.

We must find a way to help them! If Orcs have been living here for so long, they should know more what happened with Gipatia. Why don't you ask their wise shaman?


Are the village wanderers doomed forever to repeat their actions?

Perhaps they have already abandoned all hope.


You're telling me that it was the Orcs who killed everyone in the Village? Why did the Great Mage Tka-Rik not help? Is it possible that the Great Mages are too busy with global issues that they fail to see the problems of mere mortals...

Anyway, if Orcs' "Lords" are so powerful, it is likely them who started the Performance and cursed the Gipatians into this state of unrest. Unfortunately, due to the storm traps that guard the Cursed Path, we won't be able to even get close enough to persuade them to release the ghosts' sparks. This is sad...

Perhaps there is another way to help them.


Experience: +1250

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