Saving Gibberling Rolf




Find Rolf Lisping on the surface and escort him back to the Lisping Family in the Rebel Refuge.


Horrible, ain't it? Thomething like that happenth every other day here. First the cultists, now the metal beasts. Ath far ath the howl of wind and the grinding of rusty metal... that never stopth. Maketh one think fondly of his thervice on Eljune. All the trouble we had there wath orc raids. Now the orcth and uth relieve each other on duty.
We were on patrol when those bladeth attacked. In the heat of battle, we lost our little brother Rolf! Had he been killed, he would have rithen already. Which meanth he's either wounded or unconscious. He didn't rethpond to our shouts... And we're thcared to keep shouting - the cultists might hear. Look for him, will you? He couldn't have gone far.


What if the cultists got him and are thucking out hith Thpark? Holy cow! We need to thpeed up our thearch!


Rolf, brother Rolfie, where have you been? They worked him over all right - look at that bump. If it weren't for you, he would have laid there until the cultists appeared. Thankth!


Experience: +4650

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