They will not pass!



Attach detonators to the four mines on the bridges and report to Artem Sonin in the Rebel Refuge.


Rolf, brother, hang on! We're taking you to the doctor. The doctor's good, he's gonna mend you... Aw, our headth are like a thieve! We got a mission to complete! But we can't be in two placeth at once! Oh...
Excuthe uth, we're terribly ashamed of athking you to do our job for uth, but you thee Rolf's condition. Our headquarters' order ith: mine the bridgeth leading to the neighboring islands. The mineth are deployed, what's left to do ith attach detonators. Can you do it? We'll thank you for it later, honest! And we're gonna thee a doctor. Good luck!


Rolf, Rolf, however did that happen to you? Hang on a bit, the doctor ith gonna help...


Your courageous actions are an example for...
Oh, here I am talking like an Imperial officer again. There are no subjects of the Empire or the League here - we're all brothers and sisters. So I'll put it simply: thank you for saving this fluffy skin of Rolf. It goes double for repelling the attack on the Refuge!


Experience: +7750

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