Draconic Relics



Acquire any Draconic Aspect item


Dragons have great power, no one doubts that. For many centuries they were hunted - first by the Junes, and then by the Great Mages. There was a whole Order of Dragon Hunters, represented by the tamer Harat who you might even know.
They wanted to steal the powers of the dragons... and they often succeeded. This is how powerful artifacts known as Draconic Relics were created.
Now you need to get these powers, too.
The easiest way is to earn this right on the Battlegrounds, but there are many other opportunities that you will discover in your travels around the world.
Obtain one such Draconic Relic and your training will be completed.


Great, this is a first and very important step.
Thanks to heroes and explorers, new Draconic Aspect items are constantly being discovered, so don't forget to change your outdated equipment to new one.



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