Perfect Dialogue



Accept the Object's vision.
  • Establishment of the Passage interrupted
  • Escape
  • Break Loose!
    (Don't come near the Portal!)
  • Deconstruct Inferiors 4/4
  • Fight!
    (Don't come near the Portal!)


...When you approach the sphere, you start feeling the familiar dizziness; your body grows numb and everything goes dark before your eyes. Another vision insistently wants to show itself. This time you manage to stay conscious.
This seems to be the only way the Object can communicate now. You should listen to what it has to say.


Have you found out anything?


Wow... The same kind of visions? So, the Architects' artifacts have been right under our nose all the way, and we... The Object tried to contact you? I wonder, why?
If it foresaw everything, it means, it made us dance to its tune? Maybe it fell down there, to the bottom of the Mine, at its own will? Well, no, it doesn't add up... Well, it proves again that we should keep an eye on that creature.
This all is very interesting. It's just...


Experience: +4440

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