Repel the attack of the mysterious creatures.
  • Reinforcement arrived
  • "Gates" closed


I'm afraid we don't have time. The clone got what she wanted, after all - she held us just long enough to make sure we can do nothing to the portal. If we destroy it now, it may end up in a catastrophe. A really big one.
Something will spurt from there any moment now. Creatures like no one has ever seen before. We could run, but where? We wouldn't make it anyway.
I'm sorry I dragged you into that. If only we had more time, I would tell you many things. About Irdrich. About Charles. About the purpose of my presence here. But this all doesn't matter now.
I just want you to know... that I am sorry.


...Silence was the answer.


...The stone colossus does not react to the turmoil and stands still.
Still, it came to the rescue, when help was needed... Whatever its motives were.
As you approach the Object, your thoughts start tumbling, and then suddenly become surprisingly clear. You come to understand many events that happened on Ferris. Jigsaw pieces finally fall into their places. Only several blank spots are left.


Experience: +4440

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