A Handful of Astral



Get back to the real world. Use the ritual knife to summon Astral Skinners with the smell of your blood. Fight them to obtain 5 portions of Demon's Ashes and bring those to the Ghost in the Frozen Time.


Now we're going to need something that can't be found in the frozen time. Energy? What was that? Oh no, thank you for your generous offer, but mana batteries can't help us. We need something better assimilable, more volatile. Alas, I can't ask you to simply draw a bucketful of Astral and bring it here... Wait, that's actually a good idea! Some fresh astral demon ashes is what we need. It doesn't contain much energy, but it's enough for our purpose and - most importantly - it's easy to consume.
Yes, I know there are no demons on Irdrich. No problem: there's an easy way to lure them. You already guessed what I'm talking about, right? Take this knife. Spill a few drops of your blood in the Astral, and someone of their damned breed will come rushing to the smell. Five handfuls of their ashes will be more than enough. I look forward to your return.


As you see, even demons can be of help in certain cases.


What a wonderful feeling. Here where time is frozen, the energy is pure like a breeze in a musty storeroom. Everything is ready for the ritual - so, with your permission, let's begin!


Experience: +10080

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