Merciful Madness




Enliven seven mage's disciples.


Most of all, I crave to break free from this tower that became both my prison and my grave for many years. Alas, I am but an incorporeal shadow, and my only power is knowledge. That was enough to bring you here, but there is no way I can make you believe, let alone help me. All I can do is humbly ask for your help until you agree. Fortunately, I have time to convince you: no one but me can help you get back to the real world. Likewise, no one but you can help me. So, do we have a deal? Great. If so, let's waste no time.
First of all, we need to take care of my disciples. As you can see, I made it through the years of imprisonment tolerably, but my disciples were not so strong of spirit. They lost their minds and now they're wandering around the ruins, gripped by merciful madness. The time has come to bring them back to reality, though.
Fortunately, they are easier to heal than living madmen. First, you need to attract the ghost's attention. Alas, the only way to do this is to hurt him: slap him on the cheeks, punch him, burn him with a spell... Don't worry: you can't inflict any serious injury in this place, where the time is frozen. As soon as the ghost turns his attention to you, just call him out. They haven't heard voices of the living beings for centuries, and this will surely enliven them.
Get back to me when seven of my disciples restore their minds, so to speak.


At times, I'd also dream about diving into the same depths of madness. It was only through crazy, unrealizable hope that I managed to stay sane. And here it is, my hope come true.


Insanity is a horrible state. Though sometimes it's better to be insane than to see the world going mad with no chance to remedy it...


Experience: +10080

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