Frozen Time



Listen to the Ghost's story.


Yes, I'm the Ghost. That's not a nickname, though, but rather my current state, if you will. Please excuse me for mystifying it, but I wouldn't like to be prematurely spotted by someone you know. I don't want to be rude, but that lady is very, very dangerous. I can't tell for sure who she is, but I don't trust her in the least. And neither should you.
So, now that we're alone, I can let you into the matter without fear. I must warn you: this is a long story. How should I begin...


Centuries can't be squeezed into a short story. While we're here, though, we have plenty of time.


In the real world, I'm still an invisible shadow bound by the time standing still. However, the illusory world is beyond reality, and I have some freedom in it. I helped you make a spear that, in turn, led you to me. The time has come for the last phase of my plan, so to speak.


Experience: +1260

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