Curious Ruins



Explore the ruins on the Isle of Perils and report to Klavdia Kalugina at the Refuge.


This is just too good: gods and challengers for divine power tearing each other apart! You can laugh your ass off. Of course, we won't be laughing long. Sarn is yelping somewhere under a bench licking his wounds, and my dear father ran off. Who's next in line to become the master of Sarnaut? His rotten majesty, Tep! You can't even imagine how many Sparks he swallowed. He's one step away from being a deity. And the entire Sarnaut will turn into a vast cemetery. There's only one power that can stop him now - the likes that made my dear father flee. The likes of you.
I bet on you, heroes. By the way, if you wonder whom you should thank for getting out of the sarcophaguses in the first place, I am at your service. You can also thank me for the fact that the Resistance has not yet been found and exterminated... Or did you think Tep suddenly grew short-sighted?
Never mind, enough chit-chat, let's get down to business. There are some very interesting ruins on the Isle of Perils. I don't know who built them or who destroyed them, but I think they were there long before Tep appeared. Take a walk to the ruins and see if you can get inside. If you can, report back. And if you can't, find out why.


Onward, you brave pawn! The last rank is yet so far away!


Lictors! Those are Tep's select servants, his elite guards. They don't guard ordinary rocks. Tep surely keeps something interesting in that tower. But the wall... Never mind, there are more important matters for now. We'll have time to look for an entrance later.


Experience: +7750

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