Charles' Confession



Question Charles de Doucer


I don't like that Charles. He doesn't look like a miserable victim of Tep's: he's too well-fed and well-groomed. And this letter... Could he be a snake in the grass? Go conduct a forced interrogation: find out who he is, where he's from, how he fell into Tep's clutches and how he escaped. If you catch him lying, take him to the edge of the allod and push him into the Astral. The last thing we need is leading a spy to the Refuge!


So, have you researched the background of our new ally?


Is that the way it is? One who betrays once will betray again. On the other hand, the knowledge this turncoat has can come in quite useful.
Well then, we'll watch him. You'll do it because that winged smartass owes his life to you. Go find out how he can help us.


Experience: +310

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