Deceived Followers



Kill 12 Sparkless Ones on the Isle of Perils and report to Charles de Doucer.


Do you know how Tep controls his cultists? First, he promises them the whole world, eternal life and a pair of ice skates on top of that. Then he charges an entrance fee and levies a monthly tax - the light of their Sparks. Though a hefty price, the neophyte agrees, for he's been promised much more. Finally, the newbie is sent recruiting other wretched souls. If you enlist another fool into the cult, you get a sip of his life. If you violate the rules, you pay with your own. That's what Tep's Pyramid is. Only its master and a handful of his minions profit from it. Some manage to accumulate a certain amount of other Sparks' light to make up for their losses and maintain a semblance of human existence. Those who are unlucky roam the ruins of Tep's kingdom with their Sparks faded. Glance around and you'll see what their souls look like.
Death is a merciful respite for those poor fools. Whatever they did in their lives, no one deserves that fate. Do them this last favor, help their faded Sparks rest in peace.


It looks like madness from the outside, but inside the cult keeps a stronger hold on you than psi-salt.


Finally, those seeking eternal life have found their peace. However, I fear that as long as fools exist, all sorts of cults will continue to prosper across the entire Sarnaut.


Experience: +8680

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