Illusory Duel



Defeat the opponents summoned by Charles de Doucer and get back to the real world.


So, we're in our small illusory world. Let's call it Planar Rim, a place non-existent on the real Irdrich or on the illusory one, but one that grants access to both. Here, we can create anything we may need: illusory furniture, clothes, weapons, and even simulated opponents. That's what we're gonna do.
I'll summon a few enemies one by one. You have to defeat them. Meanwhile in the real world, my assistants will read the sensors and make sure the simulation does you no harm. If anything goes wrong, we'll try to get you out. Get ready for battle and tell me when to begin.


Be careful: these illusions cause pain that's quite real.


Welcome back to reality. Let's see what our sensors showed.


Experience: +10850

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