Delivering the Good News



Deliver the Sealed Package to Colonel Shpagin at the Dead Shore Training Grounds.


Thank you for your help, it was truly invaluable. I'm convinced that with a soldier like you in their ranks the Reds' losing streak will soon end.

I hope you know that your training exercises have only just begun, though. Take this package to Colonel Shpagin. He's located at the Dead Shore Training Grounds and is to be your next commanding officer. It has some important documents that he needs, and even a little note commending you on your efforts. Good luck!


What's this? An urgent order from the City Council? Let's see what it is they need!


Well, well. The package also contains an order in regards to your new promotion. It seems that congratulations are in order!

Now that you've made it this far, you're going to have a chance to show what you can really do.


Experience: +345

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