Piping Hot


  • Starts:
  • Ends:
  • World Mystery
  • Level: 66
  • Required level: 66
  • Type: Single-player Quest
  • Can be completed instantly
  • Zone:
    Free Lands



Extract cores from shell craters in the Iron City and bring them to Eladia.


You know that the Architects deploy their scouts here along with the bomb shells? Ah, so you were that assistant that Paul spoke so highly of!
Then I guess you know what I am going to ask you of. We need to collect cores from the craters. I will examine them to determine at which moment they activate, do they need an external source of energy and so on. Will you help me?


Extract a core from a crater is much easier than from a living Architect. Just aim your Transducer on a crater and push the button!


How interesting! It seems like these cores are dormant. They almost do not glow and do not radiate energy. So what activates them?


Experience: +8360

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