Brain is Undamaged


  • Starts:
  • Ends:
  • World Mystery
  • Level: 66
  • Required level: 66
  • Type: Single-player Quest
  • Can be completed instantly
  • Zone:
    Free Lands



Use Phase-inverting Transductor to extract cores of the Architects, locked in the western part of the Iron City, and bring them to Eladia.


You again? Wait... Haven't we met before? Are you sure? Your face looks familiar.
I am Eladia, one of Catherina's students. The mistress is really interested in studying the Architects. A new form of life! Can you imagine how much we can accomplish if we use that knowledge in our technologies?
You can help us if you want. Catherina needs cores, hidden beneath the shell of every Architect. Usually they explode when the carcass is damaged, but I invented a device that can help us capture intact cores. Some ten will be enough for the experiments.


First you need to hit an Architect with something heavy, like stones or a hammer. As soon as its surface starts cracking, push the button - and its core will jump right into your hands.


The core seems to be intact. It means it is fully functional and sensitive to the environment. Let's see how it will enjoy our experiments...


Experience: +14060

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