Wait until Eladia finishes the experiment and speak to her.
  • Architect spoken to
  • Monster killed


I've conducted a couple of experiments... Well, I can't say they were totally abortive... Alright, I have two cores left. I hope this time everything will work!
You know what's the most weird ability of our enemy? It's synthesis! Small and weak creatures can join into a huge, strong and smart monster. I strive to find out how they do that! Will you assist me?


Watch out - I may be wrong!


Wow! I've never seen a monster speak before! Are they all like that? Or is it just this species? I should try crossbreeding them...
Well, this experiment definitely was successful. Now it is official - two small creatures cam be fused into a bigger one, which is smart enough to speak, but not smart enough to see that don't need their Ascension, whatever it is!


Experience: +8360

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