Feed 20 pieces of meat to the squawkling and get back to Cheebah One-Eye at the Green Cape.


Wingless one, listen to me now. I'll give you a bone whistle. Blow this whistle, wingless one, and a squawkling will come. It will be small. Hungry. Gonna eat like hell! A squawker is not a parrot, it doesn't eat fruit. Only meat.
Go hunting, outlander, to get meat and feed a squawkling. When it grows very big, it will love you like its parent. It will carry you on its back up high in the sky! You will understand, trust us and make friends with our people!


If you feed squawker well, it love you and fly you high. But if you not feed it well, it might become angry and bite you.


Quamool qootlack, Wingless Outlander! A squawker for Wingless equals to wings. Now Wingless can bang the Gong on any island and call a squawker. A squawker will fly to the gong, fly high and fast. And Wingless will become Son of the Wind!


Experience: +9000

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