On the Wings of the Wind




Bang the gong on top of the Green Cape and summon a tamed squawker. Use it to go to the top of the Giant's Claw, steal a squawker's egg and go back to Cheebah One-Eye at the Green Cape.


Quetal quarr, outlander! What brought a wingless one to Cheebah? Do you want to learn? Then I'll teach you!
Have you ever heard of squawkers, outlander? I'll explain. A squawker is a bird. Toothy, powerful and always hungry. Very smart, but very angry. It's hard to tame. But a squawker flies like lightning, faster than wind! If you want to understand People of the Wind, you should tame a squawker. A mature squawker cannot be tamed, it's completely wild. You must find a small squawkling and tame it. Feed and care for it... Then a squawker will grow big and fly you on its back. Then you wingless one will become winged and understand our people!
Now climb the mountain and hit the gong. A tamed squawker knows the gong's sound well. Every island has its own gong. As soon as a squawker swoops in, climb atop it and fly to Giant's Claw. Wild and angry squawkers live there. Look for a squawker's egg, then strike the gong and bring the egg back. I will then help you hitch... hooch... tell you what to do.


Outlander, I sent you to bring a squawker's egg. Did you find one?


That's good! I know what to do about the egg. You should wait. Wait just a little.


Experience: +6000

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