A Boggy Stir



Kill 10 Rotten Treants and Timberbraid and report back to Dobrinya Nikitov.


I received a message from the Great Mage Aidenus himself. Here, let me read it to you. Alright... No, we'll skip that... This too... Oh, my! Even the most rugged of men in our taverns don't use that kind of language! How about I just paraphrase?

Aidenus is not pleased with what has been going on here. The White Knight has declared himself a descendant of Valir, an ancient Kanian king, and is making a grab for the throne. White Knight is apparently gaining popularity with the peasants and Aidenus is blaming us! He has this idea in his head that we're just slacking off instead of bathing our swords in blood!

Such hurtful words! The White Knight has recently taken off for an expedition to hunt swamp muskirs in the bog. His herald nearly went hoarse from all the shouting he did while singing praises for an entire week. And to tell you the truth, the muskir are still on a rampage and now the treants have decided to join them - all because of the Knight's stupid invasion. So instead of repelling new attacks by the White Knight, we have to clean up after him! Here's what I want you do to - kill ten angry treants and their leader, Timberbraid. He's the oldest and meanest treant in the swamp. Then things will quiet down in the bog and you'll get a new outfit as a reward.


Don't think of Timberbraid as old and decrepit. He's a mighty and dangerous opponent that has lived in the bog for hundreds of years.


The treants have quieted down? That's good news! And here is your well-deserved reward. But there's still so much to do, so don't wander off.


Experience: +1740
  • +250 reputation points with Kanians

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