• Faction: Empire


What is fate? Does it exist? Is our life predestined? Perhaps everything that exists is just a play of chance without meaning and purpose? Do we control it or is it predetermined by something or someone? Does fate have power over gods? Is it possible to change your destiny? Perhaps the very future of Sarnaut, and many other worlds, depends on answers to these questions.

Stage 1

You can start this stage by speaking with Styr Ruff on Isa at level 104. Once you are done with your task, speak with Unn on Isa.
Using your Weaver powers, you managed to enter the Hall of Fates where you stopped the spirit of an ancient Orc chieftain from binding the fate of the Gibberlings to his own. You also encountered the Fate of the All-Mother and managed to change it. What you learned on Isa raises the following questions: is Fate some kind of force that surpasses even demiurges? And what can oppose Fate?

Stage 2

This World Mystery has not been discovered yet...
This World Mystery has not been discovered yet...

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