The Art of Creation


  • Faction: League


Nihaz, the God of Darkness, the Director of the great performance, demonstrates his divine power before the heroes' astonished eyes and creates a new allod out of primordial matter known as the astral. And yet his methods compel you to consider that there might be something else, something even bigger behind this act of creation....

Stage 1

You can start this stage of the World Mystery by speaking with Master's Voice on the Isle of Revelation (Level 49). Once you are done with your task, speak with the Keeper of the Universe on Cradle Isle to complete it (Level 49).
The wormfaces and draconids are burning bridges behind them, trying to reach the Dead City first. To prevent his enemies from discovering the secret of the Junes, the dark god Nihaz created a new allod with a huge portal that leads to the Dead City. Old friends, such as Tep cultists and astral demons, and a new, unknown enemy under the guise of Tensess's servant, strived to impede the construction. Or was this a real Servant in the flesh?

Stage 2

You can start this stage of the World Mystery by speaking with Jean-Jacques de Desirae in the Pearl Ring of Irdrich (Level 51). Once you are done with your task, speak with Klavdia Kalugina in the Cave of Elements to complete it (Level 52).
Not only gods are capable of creating something out of nothing. The Great Mages have long discovered the mysteries of astral and protomatter, which comprised everything in our world. To create something only by the act of will, without involving mighty spells or complicated devices... This can be achieved by the few, whose faith is strong enough to make the world go round! Those whose faith is equal to that of the gods! When you were moving from the Illusory World to the Real World, you managed to create matter out of astral just by the act of your will. Now we must figure out how to use this force deliberately.

Stage 3

You can start this stage of the World Mystery by speaking with Brawler the Fierce near Tep's Pyramid (Level 54). Once you are done with your task, speak with Klavdia Kalugina at the Rebel Refuge to complete it (Level 54).
Meeting with Tep could have led to our imminent downfall. Fortunately, the greatest scientist, necromancer, genius and villain in the history of Sarnaut was too conceited. Klavdia helped us to create a mysterious potion based on... faith. Only faith can change the very essence of the physical laws in the universe! Insane Tep achieved the divine power but lost his mind. Will you be lucky enough not to share his sad destiny?

Stage 4

You can start this stage by speaking with Aidenus in Novograd at level 55. It leads to Umoir. Speak with Lovewise Catfish in Novograd to complete it at level 60.
Imagination is a huge power. You can use it either to create or destroy. Anyone capable of creation is god-like - after all, what is creation? The embodiment of your willpower! Sarn, the God, exhausted and enraged by his imprisonment, gave birth to the Leper... Klavdia helped you restrain and defeat this godly creation and bring back Nezeb and Skrakan. This means that only through creation you may reach the mightiness of gods.

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