Cruel Cookery



Fight Tep's Cultists and Sacrificers in the Spark Pen, use the Sparkton Pack to obtain 12 Sparks of Tep's cultists and sacrificers and bring them to Charles de Doucer.


I'm sorry about the unsuccessful attack. That was exceptionally brave, but extremely reckless. How can... Never mind, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lecture you. Frankly, I came to ask you for a favor once again. The fact is that Tep not only sucked the shining out of his slaves' Sparks. He also conducted some extremely weird experiments on them. Certainly, those Spark manipulations may have been just some cruel cookery, an attempt to make them tastier... Yet I'd like to know it for sure.
Take this device that extracts Sparks out of defeated enemies. It's also known as the Sparkton Pack. I'm asking you to fight the most loyal of Tep's servants, his cultists and sacrificers, and obtain a dozen of their Sparks. Let's see what Tep did to them and if they have anything human left within.


What? Are you asking if I have ever tasted another's Spark? Do you have any idea how tactless this question is? With your permission, I will refrain from replying.


Thank you. It's incredible: if things had gone a bit differently, that Sparkton Pack could have had my Spark in it, and you would have brought it... He he he, perhaps to Yasskul Nash! Fate is an amazing thing, but free will is a hundred times more amazing!
Thank you once again. You can get back to your business. If the Spark research reveals anything interesting, you will be the first to know!


Experience: +1920

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