A Crushing Blow



Participate in killing the League Chaplain, the League Commander, and the League Sharpshooters and report to Oko the Righteous.


We've received reports that the League has three main leaders in charge of the forces at the Boiler Camp. Taking them out would surely deliver a crushing blow! Maybe then our forces could begin to mobilize and reclaim the area...

The reports were unclear as to their location. You'll have to find them yourself, soldier. They're bound to be heavily guarded, so I'd suggest you find a couple of friends as strong as yourself to go with you.


I trust that you're taking care of the issue? You do realize how important this mission is to the success of our operation, right?


Success! I can feel it now... victory is within our grasp. It won't be too long until the League menace is purged from our city!


Experience: +1575

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