Experimental Opponents



Destroy 10 zombies, the Necro-Rhino, and plant the Red Flag. Report to Sarbaz Raneb if you succeed. You have 5 minutes to complete the task.


The region to the north of here is an experimental test area. The employees of the Necro-Incubator have decided to outdo themselves and create some new inventions. Going after more funding, I suppose.

In any case, the area is full of battle zombies which were created to complete complex operations, ones that are usually fatal to them. In a way they are kamikaze zombies, but they are serious opponents!

But that's not all - just before the start of the War Games, the workers insisted that they also test their latest innovation. Apparently it's an animal zombie. I haven't seen it yet and frankly, I don't really want to see it. It sounds pretty creepy.

As you might have guessed you, however, will be heading out there. Your third task is to fight your way through the zombies, defeat this animal zombie, and plant the Red Flag once again. I'm sure you won't let your battalion down!


That necro-rhino looked pretty menacing. Did you manage to kill it?


A worthy victory. The necro-rhino has been defeated, the zombies are dead, and another Red Flag flies proudly over the training grounds.


Experience: +840

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