Report to the General



Report your successes to Shrinka the Nimble at the Old Barracks.


Well, now I can draw up some preliminary totals. Let's see... the Reds are winning by a landslide! It's been a while since I said that. I'm certain that all the Reds - from Colonel Shpagin to the lowliest Private - will be pleasantly surprised.

What is the next step, you ask? It's time for you to report for your next stage of training. It's going to take place at the steppes to the north. You should head on over to the Old Barracks to get your new orders.

Report to General Shrinka first. But be careful with him, he doesn't care about the war between the Reds and the Blues. The most important thing to him is training real soldiers for the Imperial Army and making sure we win the war against the League.


I congratulate you for making it through the exercises at the Dead Shore Training Grounds, but it's too soon to start relaxing.


Experience: +840

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