Forces of Nature



Destroy 6 Stone Elementals, 6 Wind Elementals, and plant the Red Flag. Report to Sarbaz Raneb if you succeed. You have 5 minutes to complete the task.


League soldiers are not the only things that the army has to defeat. Other creatures frequently get in our way, but all of our soldiers have been specifically trained to take down anything that stands against us. For your next task, you will show your ability to fulfill these duties!

One of the biggest nuisances we encounter are elementals - they're big and very territorial. There are two types of them living to the east of here, earth and air creatures. You need to make your way past them and plant the Red Flag. And make sure you destroy six elementals of each type along the way.

Remember, we are still competing against the Blues and whichever team finishes first wins. I noticed that most of them have been shooting you pretty dirty looks, so be careful out there! If you succeed, report your accomplishments to Sarbaz Raneb.


Did you make it past the elementals?


It appears that the elementals have been well and truly conquered. I must say that you've done an excellent job.


Experience: +840

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