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The Grand Experiment


Grand Experiment... What is it? Great Mages of the past have invented something not mentioned in any history book. Was it before the Cataclysm, before Sarnaut became split into parts? And what was the point of the experiment?


Maria Zavetina starts this step of the World Mystery on Wandering Island, and Keeper of Knowledge finishes it on the Isle of Revelation.
Great Mage's spark has been released from the trap created by Tep ages ago. It mentioned some Grand Experiment that have gone wrong. Perhaps during that experiment the mage fell down from a disease similar to Tep's Plague and got trapped in the pyramid for years. This is strange, because Tep created his Plague, which destroyed the whole Arisen civilization, long before Kania and Xadagan!


This step of the World Mystery is started by Klavdia Kalugina in the Irdrich ruins and finished there.
The "Ghost", just a weak shadow of the Great Mage imprisoned in the ruins of his tower, told us about some unsuccessful experiment. After thousands of years of confinement, he dreamt only of death, and begged us not to try to comprehend what has led him to downfall. Could his experiment be the very Grand Experiment? If so, we've touched upon a far-reaching mystery, as all the Great Mages participated in it. What was their purpose?


This step of the World Mystery is started by Che-Go in Tequatl and finished by Lovewise Catfish in Novograd.
The Grand Experiment was the unsuccessful attempt of the Great Mages to conquer the astral and obtain limitless power. The Spark of the poor creature released from Tep's Pyramid told us about the old documents that confirm this assumption.
The Cataclysm that caused splitting of Sarnaut into allods was a consequence of the self-assured actions of the Mages who thought they were equal to gods. They've paid a high price for this, and still are paying, but shall we tell others about it? Should we stir up the past, or better think about the future and, with the knowledge we gained about the experiment, better try saving what still can be saved?